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BOFA ISEB Pretest Godstowe School Parent Offer

Godstowe has an agreement with BOFA® to offer free additional Pretests for your child when you make a Pre-test/Mock test purchase.

If you wish to purchase more pre-tests for your child, BOFA® has given Godstowe a special deal if they are bought before the 31st of May 2024.
3 BOFA® Pre-tests or school mock tests such as Headington, cost £55.
6 BOFA® Pre-tests or school mock tests such as Headington, cost £105, plus 3 free, therefore 9 BOFA® Mocks for £105.
12 BOFA® Pre-tests or school mock tests such as Headington, cost £200, plus 6 free, therefore 18 BOFA® Mocks for £200.

To get either 3 or 6 free, purchase either 6 or 12 BOFA® Mock Tests and email [email protected], using the code GODSTOWE PRETEST and your child’s BOFA® username.

Many of you will not have had a BOFA account before so we will try and explain the steps in more detail below:

  1. Register as a parent or log in on this website
  2. Go to the shop and purchase either 3, 6 or 12 Mock Tests
  3. Email BOFA from your parent username/email address whilst logged in with; your child’s BOFA username & school code e.g.:
  • j.bloggs2024

Your free BOFA® Mocks will be added to your child's account within 24 hours.

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Take a look at the following video tutorials to find out more about BOFA® Pre-tests, BOFA® 8+ to 12+ Adaptive tests and the BOFA® purchasing process.