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BOFA London 11+ Consortium Prep school Parent Offer

Your School has an agreement with BOFA® to offer free additional mock London 11+ Consortium tests for you child. These will be added to all accounts on the same date so we can check that this is an exclusive offer and your child has an active BOFA school pupil account.

The offer will have looked something like this:

If you wish to purchase more Consortium tests for your child, BOFA® has given Your School a special deal if they are bought before date.
To do this, please email [email protected], using the code Your School CONSORTIUM and your child’s BOFA® username.
For 3 BOFA® Consortium tests, costing £33, you will receive 1 additional test free of charge, therefore 4 BOFA® Consortium tests for £33.
For 6 BOFA® Consortium tests, costing £55, you will receive 2 additional tests free of charge, therefore 8 BOFA® Consortium tests for £55.
For 9 BOFA® Consortium tests, costing £80, you will receive 3 additional tests free of charge, therefore 12 BOFA® Consortium tests for £80.

To get this offer, you will need to be a parent registered and verified on our system who has purchased either 3, 6 or 9 BOFA® Consortium tests and emailed/contacted us with the school code and your child's username so we can check you are entitled to the offer.

Many of you will not have had a BOFA account before so we will try and explain the steps in more detail below:

  1. Register as a parent or log in on this website
  2. You will receive a welcome email with your password and a verification email where you will need to click a link to confirm you received these two emails
  3. Ask your child to log into their account and request to link their account to yours from their Edit your profile page. They will need the email address of your parent account to do this
  4. From your parent account accept the join request from your Manage join requests page
  5. Go to the shop and purchase either 3, 6 or 9 Consortium tests
  6. Email BOFA from your parent username/email address whilst logged in with; your child’s BOFA username & school code e.g.:
  • Your School CONSORTIUM
  • Fred1@WMS

On the expiry date of the offer, all free BOFA® Consortium tests will be added to the pupils in Your School in bulk.

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Take a look at the following video tutorials to find out more about BOFA® London 11+ Consortium tests, BOFA® 8+ to 12+ Adaptive tests and the BOFA® purchasing process.