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KS2 English Reading Syllabus

Here we have provided the syllabus we cover for KS2 Engliish Reading. If you click on the section you'd like to look at, an example question will appear. You can also try a demo test to get a better understanding of how BOFA works. The syllabus has been taken from the National Curriculum.

Strand Description Yr 3&4 Code Example Yr 5&6 Code Example
Themes and conventions Identify the themes and conventions of a range of texts 2TC1: Year 3&4 2TC1: Year 5&6
Themes and conventions Discuss / comment on themes and conventions in different genres and forms 2TC2: Year 3&4 2TC2: Year 5&6
Making inferences Make inferences from the text 2MI1: Year 3&4 2MI1: Year 5&6
Making inferences Explain inferences and justify them with evidence from the text 2MI2: Year 3&4 2MI2: Year 5&6
Making inferences Predict what might happen from details stated and implied 2MI3: Year 3&4 2MI3: Year 5&6
Comprehension Give the meaning of words in context 2C1: Year 3&4 2C1: Year 5&6
Comprehension Explain and explore the meaning of words in context 2C2: Year 3&4 2C2: Year 5&6
Comprehension Identify main ideas 2C3: Year 3&4 2C3: Year 5&6
Comprehension Summarise main ideas from more than one paragraph 2C4: Year 3&4 2C4: Year 5&6
Comprehension Identify key details that support main ideas 2C5: Year 3&4 2C5: Year 5&6
Comprehension Identify language, structural and presentational features of texts 2C6: Year 3&4 2C6: Year 5&6
Comprehension Explain how the language, structural and presentational features of a text contributes to meaning 2C7: Year 3&4 2C7: Year 5&6
Comprehension Retrieve and record information from non-fiction 2C8: Year 3&4 2C8: Year 5&6
Comprehension Make comparisons within the text 2C9: Year 3&4 2C9: Year 5&6
Comprehension Distinguish between fact and opinion 2C10: Year 3&4 2C10: Year 5&6
Language for effect Identify and / or comment on writers’ use of words, phrases and language features including figurative language 2LFE1: Year 3&4 2LFE1: Year 5&6
Language for effect Discuss and evaluate how writers use words, phrases and language features to have an impact on the reader, at word, sentence and text level 2LFE2: Year 3&4 2LFE2: Year 5&6