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CEM and GL Assessment

Who are CEM and GL?

CEM (Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring) and GL Assessment are the two main provider of 11+ tests to grammar and independent schools in England. A third examining body ISEB (Independent Schools Examining Board) is used by a select number of independent schools at 11+ for Pre-testing for school entry at 13+.

CEM is perceived to be the more difficult of the two papers as it is designed to be "tutor-proof", - they don't produce or endorse any sample material. However, there is so much practice material available for the CEM 11+ that it is impossible for the exam to be tutor-proof. The success of BOFA 8+ - 12+, as used by prep schools and tutoring centres, demonstrates that pupils who prepare for the exam usually perform better in it.

What subjects are covered?

CEM covers numerical, verbal and non-verbal ability. These are the skills that form the foundations of further learning. CEM is said to be based more closely on the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2 than GL.

GL covers Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning, English and Maths.

Maths tests will cover a wide range of curriculum areas and are used to demonstrate the child's mathematical ability.

English tests contain questions relating to comprehension passages, spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Verbal Reasoning tests involve reasoning with words and can identify pupils whose strengths lie in English, history, languages and the arts. Although CEM do not specifically test English skills, their Verbal Reasoning tests will include many of the skills covered in a GL English test. Having a strong vocabulary will increase a child's success in Verbal Reasoning tests.

Non-Verbal Reasoning questions measure reasoning processes that are important in a wide range of subjects including maths and the sciences.

Spacial Reasoning questions assess the efficiency of the thinking processes that use mental images of shapes and space. Strong spatial reasoning skills are linked to success in STEM subjects.



How can BOFA help?


BOFA 8+ - 12+ has been supporting children in their preparation for both CEM and GL 11+ tests since 2007. Over 80,000 children have completed more than 4 million tests with us. On average children demonstrate a 27% topic improvement from the initial stage of our learning process to the final stage.

Both CEM and GL broadly cover the same subject areas but place different emphasis on each of them. To keep things simple we provide general subject tests to help children prepare for any format of 11+ test. Your child will log in, select a subject and start learning, removing the need to find the correct assessment provider and preventing time being wasted on the wrong tests.

Again to keep things simple when you take a subscription to BOFA 8+ - 12+ your child will receive access to all our material in all 4 subject areas of Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. No worrying about which is the right product, which subjects you may or may not need. BOFA 8+ - 12+ tests contain every type of question covered by both CEM and GL and other assessment providers. (You will find Spatial Reasoning questions in our Non-Verbal Reasoning tests.)

For more information about ISEB check out our ISEB Pre-test page.


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