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Brighton Girls School Admissions | Familiarisation Tests | Mock Tests


Brighton Girls School Admissions Process

The Brighton Girls School main intake is at Year 7, 11+ entry. The assessments during the standard 11+ route are written papers in the following subjects.

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-verbal Reasoning
  • Maths - Part 1 Mathematical Skills, Part 2 Problem Solving
  • English - Part 1 - Comprehension, Part 2 - Creative Writing

Brighton Girls School also offers an Early Doors process for girls in Year 5 to apply for Year 7 entry, to take some of the pressure off Year 6. Following your Early Doors application, you will be invited for an interview with the Head or a senior member of staff, and a reference will be requested from your daughter's current school. You will be sent a written piece in advance of the interview for your daughter to discuss, and she will be invited to talk about some f her current work. You will also be asked to bring an object to the interview for discussion. Your daughter will then be invited to attend an Assessment Day in March of Year 5. We have a free Brighton Girls School familiarisation test for you to gain a brief insight into the exam, and we have full length Brighton Girls School Mock Tests available to purchase which replicate the format and content of the entrance exam.

Brighton Girls School Early Doors Exam Format

The Brighton Girls School online assessment comprises the following subjects.

  • Verbal Reasoning - 10 minutes
  • Non-verbal Reasoning - 10 minutes


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BOFA Brighton Girls School Mock Tests

Our BOFA® Brighton Girls School Mock Tests have been designed and created specifically to replicate the Brighton Girls School entrance exam situation in order to help pupils familiarise themselves with the format and structure of the Brighton Girls School exam. Our Mock Tests follow the same three stage learning process as the BOFA® 11+ site (test, practice, retest) but the emphasis is on the exam preparation rather than the learning element. Our Mock Tests are sold in packs of 3 as we believe 3 is the minimum number of tests a pupil will need to complete to become comfortable with the format and style of the exam. You can purchase Mock Tests for the Brighton Girls School entrance exam from our Mock Test Shop.


Take the BOFA® Brighton Girls Familiarisation TestBuy a BOFA® Mock Test pack


BOFA Mock Tests for other schools

We also have Mock Tests for the ISEB Common Pre-Test, the London 11+ Consortium and a further 39 independent schools' bespoke extrance exams and admissions processes.

Here are some of the other schools for which we offer Mock Tests. Click the following link for the full list of schools for which we have Mock Tests.



As well as offering these specific Mock Tests we also offer an online adaptive learning platform on a subscription basis for long term support and exam preparation. Our 11+ subscription site is our unique online learning platform which covers material from 8+ through to 12+, designed to assist pupils in their learning and understanding of syllabus content in preparation for the 11+ exam. All our tests follow our three stage learning process of initial test, followed by tailored teaching and learning before a retest. Although referred to as the 11+ subscription site, a subscription gives you access to all the subscription site material and is therefore suitable for pupils aged 7 to 11, in school years 3 to 6. You can purchase a recurring monthly subscription for £9.50 a month, which can be cancelled at any time, or you can take out a fixed term 3, 6, 9, or 12 month subscription with a one-off payment, prices of which can be found in our 11+ shop.