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Barbados 11 plus

11+ Barbados


Admission to secondary schools

Entry of students to secondary schools is determined by:

  • students' performance in the Barbados Secondary Schools' Entrance Examination (BSSEE);
  • parents' choice of schools;
  • zones where the students live.
Barbados Secondary School Entrance Examination
Children who are eleven years old but under twelve (12) years old at September 1st in the year of the examination are required to write the examination as a means of allocation to secondary school.  Under a system of flexible transfer children who will be nine (9) years old but under eleven (11) years old in the year of the examination may write the examination provided that certain conditions have been satisfied.  Children may defer writing the examination for one year or because of physical or emotional problems may be exempted from writing the examination, but special conditions must be satisfied and permission from the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development must be obtained in all cases.
Product Review from a Barbados Parent
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Liz Cupples
Mother, Barbados

Barbados Schools

  • The Alexandra School
  • Alleyne School
  • Alma Parris Memorial Secondary School
  • Codrington school
  • Christ Church Foundation School
  • Coleridge and Parry School
  • Combermere School
  • Deighton Griffith Secondary School
  • Ellerslie Secondary School
  • Garrison Secondary School
  • Grantley Adams Memorial School
  • Harrison Colleg
  • Learning For Life school
  • Parkinson Memorial Secondary School
  • Princess Margaret Secondary School
  • Providence Secondary School
  • Queen's College
  • Springer Memorial Secondary School (Girls)
  • St. George Secondary School
  • St. James Secondary School
  • St. Leonard's Boys' Secondary School (Boys)
  • St. Lucy Secondary School
  • St Winifreds Secondary School
  • The Lester Vaughan School
  • The Lodge School
  • The St. Michael School
  • The Ursuline Convent