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11+ Subjects

The 4 subjects that are tested are (not all subjects are tested at every school):

The tests are designed to judge a pupil’s capability in material that they should already have covered in school by the time they are taking the test.

In English, pupils are tested in their ability to comprehend a piece of text (reading), on their spelling, and their ability to write cohesively (punctuation and grammar). Often, English tests will compromise of a long writing task and other reading and spelling exercises.

In Maths, pupils are tested over a huge range of topics. Depending on where pupils are taking an exam, tests may be multiple choice or not.

Verbal reasoning is believed to be a good way to test a pupil’s potential ability rather than just what they can already do, as VR touches on problem-solving and the application of knowledge rather than just what they are classically taught in school.

Non-Verbal reasoning tests are designed to judge a child’s capability regardless of their general English knowledge. NVR tests logic rather than academic capability and serves to judge how well a child can solve a problem.